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Sean Penn and Kid Rock Made a Short Funny Film About Finding Common Ground


Wouldn't life in America be so much better if people on opposite ends of the political spectrum could just find some common ground?  Yes, it would be, and we can prove it.  SEAN PENN and KID ROCK made an 11-minute video where they go from nearly having a bar fight to becoming FRIENDS.

And that friendship includes Sean taking Kid to trade in his gas guzzler for a Prius, and to a GAY WEDDING.  Meanwhile, Kid makes Sean ditch his martini for a beer, straight from the bottle, of course.  They also make sandcastles together and trade T-shirts, so Sean is wearing a NASCAR shirt, and Kid is wearing one that says "PETA Rocks".

It's pretty funny, especially given the fact that these guys aren't always known for having a sense of humor about themselves.  Check it out here.



They trade insults at 2:20, hug at 6:00, and go to a gay wedding at 7:40.