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Someone Reported a Fake Home Invasion at Ashton Kutcher's House


Over the summer, someone reported a HOME INVASION at MILEY CYRUS' house.  It turned out to be a prank, but it got cops rushing to the scene and setting up a perimeter before they figured that out.  They even had a helicopter flying overhead.  Turns out this is a prank that's growing in popularity.  It's called SWATTING.  And yesterday, somebody did it to ASHTON KUTCHER.

Yesterday morning, someone sent a TELETYPE message, which is a type of communication that DEAF PEOPLE use, to police.  The message claimed to be from a woman who was trapped in a closet because there was an armed man in the house.  Police showed up, but they didn't find a gunman OR a woman.  They did temporarily detain three people, but they turned out to be workers who were supposed to be there.

Ashton was on set at the time, and he Tweeted, "Safe and sound at two and a half men."  He also sent an assistant to the house to make sure everything was cool.  (Check out a news report with footage from the scene.)