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"Grey's Anatomy" Star Eric Dane Is Suing Smashing Pumpkins Singer Billy Corgan Over a Fallen Tree


who played Dr. "McSteamy" on "Grey's Anatomy", is suing SMASHING PUMPKINS singer BILLY CORGAN over a fallen tree that he claims almost killed his wife REBECCA GAYHEART.  They're neighbors, obviously, and Dane claims one of Billy's trees crashed through his house during a storm last year, flooding the house and breaking power lines.

Rebecca, who was pregnant at the time, had to evacuate the home while dodging LIVE WIRES, which obviously could have been tragic for her.  He claims Billy had been warned his trees were dangerous, but did nothing about it.

Billy calls the lawsuit "a shame", because Eric and Rebecca are, "nice people."  He also says it's BOGUS.  His trees WEREN'T dangerous.  He claims the storm was,  "strong enough to uproot a 50-foot tree by its base."