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Simon Cowell Says Britney Spears *Did* Almost Quit "X Factor" on Day One


From the moment BRITNEY SPEARS began filming "X Factor", there was a BARRAGE of stories about how she "stormed off the set", had "panic attacks", and just generally wasn't holding up well.  SIMON COWELL always denied it, and would say that she was just taking a break, going to the restroom, or something like that.

But now, he's admitting that he "half-lied" back then, and Britney DID almost quit.  He says, "No one is going to admit that on the first day, your highest paid star, after 20 minutes, has walked off set, [but Britney] had a moment on the first day where she said to me 'I'm not sure I can do this.'"

Of course, Simon talked her into sticking with it, and now he says she loves it, and is a great judge.  (Well sure, no one is going to admit in the week before your premiere that your highest paid star is a mess and a terrible judge.) 

(TMZ.com has audio of Simon's comments.  Skip ahead to the 1:55 mark.)