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"Top Gun" Director Tony Scott Committed Suicide by Jumping Off a Bridge


"Top Gun" 
director TONY SCOTT committed suicide yesterday, by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the Long Beach area of Los Angeles.  He was 68.  Witnesses say around 12:30 in the afternoon, he climbed a nine-foot fence and jumped, "without hesitation."  Police found a suicide note in his office, but there's no word what it said.  It's not clear exactly where he jumped from, but the bridge is about 185 feet above the water.  His body was retrieved by a diving team.

Scott's other movies include "The Hunger", "Beverly Hills Cop 2", "Days of Thunder", "True Romance","Crimson Tide", "Enemy of the State", and the recent DENZEL WASHINGTON movie "Unstoppable".

There's also been talk of him directing TOM CRUISE in a "Top Gun" SEQUEL.

Scott is the younger brother of director RIDLEY SCOTT.  The two of them were co-producers of the TV shows "NUMB3RS" and "The Good Wife".  They also produced the four-hour miniseries "Coma", which will air on A&E next month.

Director RON HOWARD wrote on Twitter, "No more Tony Scott movies.  Tragic day."

And MICHAEL RAPAPORT, who was part of the HUGE "True Romance" cast said, "There hasn't been one day since it came out that someone doesn't say to me, 'I love 'True Romance''.  Tony Scott was a sweet, enthusiastic, and loving man."

"Numbers"star David Krumholtz wrote a fairly long post remembering "Top Gun" director Tony Scott, who produced his CBS show.  Part of it reads, "He was wild and big and crazy and uncontrollable and he gave it his all, every moment, because he believed in his crew, his cast, and the show.  It saddens me that something inside him told him to take his incredible life spirit away from us, from the film making community.  May he rest in peace."  (You can read the entire post here.)

Samuel L. Jackson worked with Tony Scott on "True Romance".  He said, "Taking a moment to reflect on Tony Scott's life & work!  My sympathies to his family.  Feeling the loss!"  (Twitter

Seth Green worked with him on "Enemy of the State".  He said, "Literally can't process Tony Scott being dead. He was a brilliant story teller & [an effing] awesome man. Love & prayers for the family."  (WhoSay)

Mena Suvari worked with Tony on the movie "Domino".  She sent out several heartfelt tweets to say,  "I am so shocked & completely saddened over hearing that Tony Scott passed away today.  He was such an amazing spirit, full of life & passion.   I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him & cherish the beautiful memories I have of him buzzing around the set.   He was a sweet man with enormous talent & I wish with everything, that his soul has found peace & the angels watch over him and his family.  RIP, Tony, we love you."

Here are a few other random reactions:

Director Robert Rodriguez had this to say, "Tony Scott.  Damn.  Great knowing you, buddy.  Thanks for the inspiration, advice, encouragement, and the decades of great entertainment."  (Twitter)

Justin Timberlake:  "So sad to hear the news about Tony Scott.  His movies made growing up more fun for me.  My prayers and condolences to the Scott family."  (Twitter)

(And you'll find a collection of other celebrity reactions at E!Online and the Hollywood Reporter.)