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Is Jennifer Aniston Making Justin Theroux Sign a Prenup?


Ah, celebrity love is in the air.  And you know what that means:  It's time to call the lawyers.  According to the "National Enquirer", JENNIFER ANISTON accepted JUSTIN THEROUX'S proposal on one condition:  That he sign a prenuptial agreement.  Jen is worth $120 million, while Justin is "only" worth $10.5 million. 

A source says, "Jen is leaving nothing to chance due to her poor track record with men.  She's working feverishly with her lawyers to hash out the pre-nup so she and Justin can marry by the end of the year.  Then they plan to start adoption proceedings so they can bring home a baby in 2013."

Meanwhile, Fox News says Jen has been feeding false information to various friends, to find out which ones are leaking stuff to the press.  A source says, "A lot of celebrities do it, it's all a game to find out who is doing the betraying."