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Did Anderson Cooper Kick His Boyfriend to the Curb?


The "National Enquirer" says ANDERSON COOPER has kicked his boyfriend BEN MAISANI out of his home in Manhattan, obviously because pictures of Ben kissing another man.  Ben is co-owner of a New York City gay bar called the Eastern Bloc, and while his job exposes him to a lot of men, Anderson never thought he had reason to worry.

A source says, "Anderson was furious when he saw those photos.  They caught him completely off-guard.  Ben runs with a really fast crowd in New York, and Anderson always knew that his boyfriend was exposed to hot young gay men at his bar.  But he also believed he could trust Ben to remain faithful to him."

The source adds, "Anderson's shattered.  He felt secure enough with Ben that he took the bold step of coming out as gay this year.  He was confident that their relationship was strong.  Now he knows that they are finished forever.  Anderson's a strong man, and he'll put on a brave face, but the truth is he's absolutely devastated."