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We Only Won Three Medals Yesterday, So China Is Still in the Lead and More


Monday was a slow day for Team America.  We only won three lousy medals, but China did just as bad, so at least we didn't lose any ground.  They're still ahead of us by two medals.  Here's the overall medal count as of 8am this morning:

#1.)  China with 65 medals . . . 32 Gold, 19 Silver, and 14 Bronze.

#2.)  The United States with 63 medals . . . 29 Gold, 15 Silver, and 19 Bronze.

#3.)  Great Britain with 43 medals . . . 19 Gold, 12 Silver, and 12 Bronze.

#4.)  Russia with 42 medals . . . 7 Gold, 17 Silver, and 18 Bronze.

#5.)  Japan with 28 medals . . . 2 Gold, 12 Silver, and 14 Bronze.


And here are our medal winners:

Jenn Suhr (above) won the Gold medal in the Women's Pole Vault.  That was an upset for the Russians, because Yelena Isinbayeva won at the last two Olympics.  She only got a bronze this time.    

Runner Michael Tinsley won Silver in the Men's 400-meter hurdles.

Matt Emmons won Bronze in the three-position rifle shooting event, which is done with targets at 50-meters.

We'd been hoping to add to our medal count in the Men's 400-meter dash and Women's Gymnastics Uneven Bars.  But our runners got shut out in the semifinals, and All-Around gold medalist Gabby Douglas finished LAST in the Uneven Bars.

You can get the latest updates at nbcolympics.com/medals.




The U.S. Didn't Win the Men's 400-meter Dash For the First Time in 92 Years, Because We Weren't Even in the Race

In case you didn't notice, the United States didn't win the 400-meter dash yesterday, even though it's always been OUR RACE.   An American has won the gold medal at the last SEVEN Olympics.  The last time we didn't win it, it was because we boycotted the Olympics in 1980.   

We swept ALL THREE medals in 2008 in Beijing, and in 2004 in Athens.  Overall, we've won gold, silver, and bronze in the 400-meters five times out of the 25 times they've had the race at the Olympics.  And the 10 fastest 400-meter times in history were ALL run by Americans. 
So were the 10 fastest in Olympic history. 

But for the first time since 1920, 92 years ago, the U.S. got SHUT OUT.  We didn't win a medal, and we didn't even qualify for the final race.  LaShawn Merritt won gold in 2008, but couldn't finish his preliminary race on Saturday because of a hamstring injury. 

In the semifinals on Sunday, Nellum Bryshon missed qualifying by three HUNDREDTHS of a second and Tony McQuay missed by a third of a second.  So yesterday, James Kirani of Grenada won Gold, Luguelin Santos of the Dominican Republic won Silver, and Gordon Lalonde of Trinidad and Tobago took the Bronze.   That's as many medals as the rest of the world has won in the race in the last FOUR Olympics COMBINED.

(St. Louis Post Dispatch)




Nike Found a Way to Squeeze a Swoosh Onto the Artificial Legs of That Double Amputee

Is there ANYTHING that Nike won't put their SWOOSH on?  This seems crazy, even for them.  Over the past few days, OSCAR PISTORIUS from South Africa broke new ground as the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics against 'able-bodied' athletes.

He made the semifinals in the 400-meter sprint using special carbon fiber blades as prosthetic legs.  And a close-up photo of them shows that Nike managed to get a tiny swoosh on them.  The blades are made by a company called Ossur, but the spikes on the bottom are made by Nike. 





China Says That Two Weightlifting Gold Medalists From Kazakhstan Are Really Chinese

China has had a lead of one or two medals over the United States for most of the London Olympics.      But the swimming and diving events are wrapping up, and track and field is going strong.  So most people think America will pull away from the Chinese soon.     So China has decided to become the New York Yankees of the Olympics, and acquire more athletes for the stretch run.

Maiya Maneza and Zulfiya Chinshanlo are women's weightlifters from Kazakhstan.  Maiya won the gold medal in the 63-kilogram weight class, and Zulfiya won gold in 53 kilograms.  (63 kilograms is 139 pounds and 53 kilograms is 117 pounds.)  And now China is claiming that Maiya and Zulfiya are both really CHINESE.

They say that Zulfiya is actually named Zhao Changling, and was born in the Hunan province of China, then moved and changed her name.  But she says she was born in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan.  And Maiya said she lived in China with her family as a child, but she's NOT Chinese and didn't lift weights while she lived there.

An official from Kazakhstan said, "The women are Kazakh, they are from Kazakhstan, they live in Kazakhstan, they won gold medals for Kazakhstan."   Kazakhstan has won six gold medals so far, their most ever.  China won six weightlifting golds, which is two less than they won in Beijing.



An American Judo Athlete Was Disqualified for Eating Pot Brownies

There are 10,500 athletes at the London Olympics.  And so far, only ONE has failed a drug test AFTER competing, and he's an American.    23-year-old Men's Judo athlete Nick Delpopolo was disqualified yesterday, because he tested positive after a match on July 30th, a little over a week ago. 

Nick is already done competing, he finished seventh last week in the 73 kilogram weight class.  That's 160 pounds.  And he isn't trying to deny the positive test, in fact, he explained exactly WHY he thinks he failed.   He says he tested positive because before he got to London, he accidentally ate something that had been BAKED with marijuana.   We're not experts on baked goods that involve weed, but we're going to hazard a guess and say it might have been a BROWNIE. 

As punishment, the International Olympic Committee has revoked his Olympic identity and accreditation card, and he could face further sanctions.  A statement from the U.S. Olympic committee said they supported the disqualification, and that Nick  was "embarrassed by this mistake."  Nick is actually the FIFTH athlete to test positive this Olympics, but the other four were caught BEFORE the Olympics started. 





Michael Phelps Has a Hot Girlfriend

MICHAEL PHELPS has a steady girlfriend.  Her name is Megan Rossee, she's 25 years old and she's a cocktail waitress at a Hollywood club called Blok.  She's also a model, or I guess we should say an ASPIRING model, if she's still waitressing.

Sources say they've been together since January, and he even brought her to London for the Olympics.

After Michael's last race this weekend, he and Megan hit the club scene in London, and Michael brought some of his medals along.  Here are some pictures.  We also tossed in a shot of Michael and Megan at a Speedo event yesterday. 

(E! Online, TMZ, Us Weekly)





Ryan Lochte Was Partying Sunday Night

RYAN LOCHTE may have had his very first one-night stand!  He hit a London club Sunday night with some of his teammates, and he was getting plenty of female attention. 

When they left early yesterday morning and piled into a limo, there was a hot redhead with major cleavage sitting on his lap.  (--Here are some pics.)  (TMZ, E! Online)