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Robert Pattinson Went to a Bar Friday Night, Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart is Crying a Lot and Not Showering


Here's your update on ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART:  Rob made his first public appearance on Friday night since Kristen admitted to hooking up with her "Snow White" director RUPERT SANDERS.  He went to a bar in Ojai, California called the Deer Lodge with some friends.  A witness says, "He wasn't moping, He wasn't drunk.  Just taking in the scene.  Smoked next to him outside."  An employee adds that Rob was, "enjoying the music with his friends. He seemed in good spirits."

Meanwhile, Kristen has been staying with a friend named Giovanni Agnelli, who produced her movie "Welcome to the Rileys".  And she's not doing well.  A source says, "Kristen hasn't showered or changed or washed her hair in several days.  She is laying around in her T-shirt and shorts and eating ice cream.  She really wants to believe that she can win back Rob, but I think deep down she knows that isn't the case.  Kristen is acting like a heartbroken teenager.  She is crying her eyes out non-stop and does not want to communicate with anyone."

At least one source claims that Kristen is making things WORSE by staying with Agnelli.  Because Rob is now accusing the two of THEM of sleeping together.  The source says, "Rob is beside himself over Kristen's betrayal.  No one has ever seen him like this."  (Agnelli spoke in Kristen's defense once before, claiming that she and Sanders never consummated their affair.)




A Kristen Stewart Look-Alike Explains Her Cheating in a Hilarious Parody Video

In a hilarious new parody video, KRISTEN STEWART explains why she cheated on ROBERT PATTINSON.  Except it's not Kristen, obviously.  It's a look-alike actress named LAURA MCDONALD.  The video features "K-Stew" trying to convince Rob that none of the cheating was her fault.

It's intercut with scenes of "Snow White" director RUPERT SANDERS tricking Kristen into cheating on her in various ways that just get more and more ridiculous.

Even if you go into this not wanting to laugh, chances are you will anyway.  It's funny.  And the girl does a really good Kristen Stewart.  Check it out here.



Rupert Sanders Hasn't Seen His Wife in Weeks

"Snow White and the Huntsman" director RUPERT SANDERS hasn't seen his wife LIBERTY ROSS since he admitted his affair with KRISTEN STEWART.

A source says, "This was devastating for her.  She's been focused just on her kids through this.  It's what she cares about the most.  Now she's really feeling strong and looks forward to resuming her life."

There's no word if she plans to reconcile with Rupert.