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The U.S. Won Eight Medals on Thursday, and Six Were Gold, Plus More News


Our athletes had their most successful day of the London Olympics on Thursday.  We won eight medals in six events, and six of them were gold.  Here are our medal winners:

#1.)  Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte won the Gold and the Silver in the 200-meter Individual Medley race.  This is the THIRD straight Olympics that Phelps has won the gold in that race.  That was the 20th medal of his career, and his 16th gold.  That's already a record, but he has a chance to push that even HIGHER with his last two events, the 100-meter butterfly today, and the four-by-100 meter medley relay on Saturday.

#2.)  Tyler Clary and Ryan Lochte were competing in the Men's 200-meter Backstroke.  Tyler set an Olympic Record to win the Gold.  Ryan got edged out by a guy from Japan, so he ended up with the Bronze.  Ryan heads home with FIVE medals this Olympics, including two gold.  Tyler walks away with just that one medal, and the record, of course.

#3.)  Rebecca Soni won Gold in the Women's 200-meter Breaststroke and set another World Record, by breaking the record she set LAST NIGHT in the semifinal race.  Rebecca will try for a third medal in her final event, the four-person relay.  Her other medal is the silver for the shorter 100-meter version of the breaststroke.

#4.)  Gabby Douglas was one of the Fab Five that won the Women's Team Gymnastics two days ago, and yesterday she won Gold in the Women's All Around.

#5.)  Kayla Harrison won Gold in Women's Judo, 172-pound weight class.  She's the first American EVER to get a judo gold, and she cried during the medal ceremony.

#6.)  The women's team won Gold in the eight-person rowing event.  The members of the team are Erin Cafaro, Caryn Davies, Susan Francia, Caroline Lind, Esther Lofgren, Eleanor Logan, Meghan Musnicki, Taylor Ritzel, and Mary Whipple.




The U.S. Has Passed China on the Medal Count

We took the lead on the medals count yesterday.  Six gold medals brought us even with China, while our silver and bronze helped to put us ahead by three.  Here are the latest standings as of 8am Friday morning:

#1.)  The United States with 37 medals . . . 18 Gold, 9 Silver, and 10 Bronze.

#2.)  China with 36 medals . . . 18 Gold, 11 Silver, and 5 Bronze.

#3.)  Great Britain with 19 medals . . . 6 Gold, 6 Silver, and 7 Bronze.

#4.)  Japan with 19 medals . . . 2 Gold, 6 Silver, and 11 Bronze.

#5.)  Germany with 18 medals . . . 4 Gold, 8 Silver, and 5 Bronze.

You can get the latest updates at nbcolympics.com/medals/index.html.




Michael Phelps Set Another Record In the Pool

MICHAEL PHELPS set a record on Tuesday when he won his 19th Olympic medal.  And he got ANOTHER Olympic first yesterday.   He won Gold in the Men's 200-meter Individual Medley, which gives him 20 medals and 16 Golds.  That just extends the records he'd ALREADY set.   But it was also the THIRD straight Gold for him in the 200-meter Individual Medley, he also won in 2004 and 2008. 

That makes him the first male swimmer EVER to win Gold in the same race for three straight Olympic.  It's never been done before, but Phelps came into the London Olympics with the chance to do it in FOUR races.   He didn't pull it off on the first two attempts:  He finished fourth in the 400-meter Individual Medley, and won silver in the 200-meter Butterfly.   And he could pull off the three-peat AGAIN on Friday, when he races in the 100-meter Butterfly.  He won gold in that race in 2004 and again in 2008.

Two FEMALE swimmers have won Gold in the same race for three straight Olympics:  Australia's Dawn Fraser, from 1956 to 1964 in the 100-meter freestyle, and Hungary's Krisztina Egerszegi, from 1988 to 1996 in the 200-meter backstroke

It was a rough day for Ryan Lochte, even though he got TWO medals.  He lost to Phelps in the 200-meter Individual Medley, and in his signature event, the 200-meter Backstroke, he blew a lead and ended up with a bronze.   (USA Today)




After the U.S. Men's Swimming Relay Team Won a Gold, Here's What One Member Ate At McDonald's

Ricky Berens was one of the U.S. swimmers who won Gold in the four-by-200-meter freestyle relay on Tuesday.  And while his teammates like MICHAEL PHELPS and RYAN LOCHTE still had races left, that was Ricky's final Olympic event.  So he decided to celebrate all those years of training and eating healthy by going to McDonald's, and ordering a TON of crap. 

He ordered two Quarter Pounders with cheese, one Big Mac, one six-piece McNuggets, two medium fries, and a Rolo McFlurry.  Surprisingly, that's only about 3,330 calories worth of food, it sounds like it should be a lot more.  He tweeted a photo beforehand, and after, he admitted he couldn't finish it all.

(Yahoo Sports)




The Most Painful Photo of the Olympics So Far.  A Weightlifter Who Completely Dislocated His Elbow

We think we've found the most PAINFUL LOOKING PHOTO of the 2012 Olympics so far.  It's a photo of Sa Jae-Hyouk, a weightlifter from South Korea.

On Wednesday, he was attempting to lift 357 pounds over his head, and dislocated his elbow.  And it went ALL the way out.  It looks like he's got a softball sticking out of his arm.

(Yahoo Sports)

Here's the photo of his dislocated elbow.




A Boxing Referee Was Sent Home, Because He Might Have Fixed a Fight

While the Olympics were still reeling from Wednesday's badminton scandal, the Olympic boxing tournament had some foul play of their own yesterday.  The controversy came from a fight Wednesday night in the bantamweight division between Satoshi Shimizu of Japan, and Magomed Abdulhamidov of Azerbaijan.  

In the third and final round, Satoshi appeared to give Magomed an old-fashioned BEAT DOWN.  Magomed was knocked down a half-dozen times in the round.   And if a fighter is knocked down three times in a round, or four times in a fight, he's supposed to lose by technical knockout.  But the referee didn't stop the fight, either because he didn't SEE the knockdowns, or he thought that Magomed slipped and fell on his own.  (The ref was Ishanguly Meretnyyazov of Turkmenistan.) 

But as bad as the referee was, the JUDGES were even worse.  They ruled that Magomed won the fight by a score of 22-17, and they even said that Magomed WON the third round, even though he spent the majority of it on the mat. 

Everyone thought the fight was FIXED.  In fact, a report by the BBC last year said that Azerbaijan had been trying to bribe officials to get boxing gold medals.  But officials did an investigation and couldn't find any evidence at the time.  Japan appealed the decision and WON.  Satoshi was declared the winner after the fact, and the referee was BANNED from doing any more fights.  Of course, the judges are still working.


Here's video that shows all the knockdowns in the third round, and the reaction of the fighters and the crowd when the decision was announced.





Ann Romney's Horse Is in 13th Place in Dressage

You might have heard, but Mitt Romney's wife Ann owns a horse named Rafalca that does Olympic Dressage, which is the equestrian sport where horses do a series of steps, and are graded on how precisely they perform them.  Rafalca is being ridden by a 53-year-old equestrian athlete named Jan Ebeling, and yesterday was the first day of the competition.  They ended up getting a score of 70.243, which put them in 13th place out of 24 horses.  The leader is a British horse named Uthopia who had 77.720. 

Another 24 horses will compete on Friday.  The top 11 will advance to the next round, which is called the Grand Prix Special.      Rafalca can't move on that way, since she's already out of the top 11, but the top seven TEAMS also advance, so there's a slim possibility that the rest of the U.S. team could pick Rafalca up.  If you're curious, Jan said Rafalca's second pirouette was a "little bit large" and she stepped off the line, but she had some really nice piaffes.  (That's where the horse runs in place.)

Mitt had other things to do and wasn't there to see Rafalca in action, but Ann was there.  She said, "That was awesome."

(NY Times)