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Katherine Jackson Admits Her Children Tricked Her Into Going to Arizona, to Cut Off Contact With Her Grandchildren


When KATHERINE JACKSON was at that spa in Arizona, she did an interview with ABC News in which she made it sound like everything was fine, and that the reason she hadn't contacted her grandchildren for over a week was because she didn't want to.  But now it sounds like she wasn't telling the whole truth.  (And of course she was surrounded by the offspring who'd orchestrated her departure, so do you blame her?)  

This week, Katherine filed papers to have her custody of MICHAEL JACKSON'S kids re-instated.  And in those papers, she admitted she was basically TRICKED by her kids.  She said she was originally supposed to travel by motor home to New Mexico to see her sons perform.  But instead, they brought in a doctor who said it would be better if she flew.  So she got on a plane, but it didn't take her to New Mexico.  Instead, she found herself in Tucson, Arizona, where she was admitted to a spa due to supposed high blood pressure.  Once she got there, her phone and iPad were taken and the TV and phone in her room were disconnected.

When Katherine asked about her grandchildren, she was told they were fine.  She had no idea they were looking for her, or that they'd filed a missing persons report.  She said, "At the time, I trusted the people I was with to be honest with me."  She added, "I was never informed that [anyone] was trying to reach me.   Had I known that fact, and if I had been provided with the means to contact Prince, Paris, Blanket and TJ, I would never have gone for such a long period of time without communicating with them."

By the way, Katherine didn't ask for full custody back.  She petitioned to be co-guardian with TITO JACKSON'S son T.J., who was appointed the kids' guardian while Katherine was away.  That arrangement is expected to get the court's stamp of approval.