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Robert Pattinson is Hiding Out at Reese Witherspoon's Ranch


We finally know where ROBERT PATTINSON is hiding out:  At REESE WITHERSPOON'S ranch in Ojai, California.  Robert and Reese co-starred in "Water for Elephants", and when those KRISTEN STEWART cheating photos surfaced, Reese offered him the place so he could get away from it all.  Reese and her husband, who are expecting a baby, use the ranch as a vacation home.  Sources say Robert is, "a total mess . . . He's questioning everything."

RadarOnline.com says Rob and Kristen ARE speaking again, but that Rob is nowhere near a place where he can forgive her.  A source says, "Rob just isn't going to be able to get beyond the cheating, one time or not."  That hasn't stopped Kristen from trying.  She's been calling and texting him constantly.  A source says, "She's dying to save the relationship.  It's the only thing she cares about."

Rob and Kristen will have to come to some kind of truce soon, because the last "Twilight" movie comes out in November, and there's a TON of promotion to be done.  A marketing suit says Summit Entertainment is, "moving full steam ahead and looking forward to" the movie's opening.  (Will they actually make Rob sit next to Kristen and do interviews?  That'll be interesting.)

The Ranch in Ojai, California was recently featured in Elle Decor: