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The U.S. Picked Up Six New Medals and is Now Tied Overall with China & Other News



The United States won six more medals at the London Olympics on Monday.  We grabbed two gold and two silver in swimming, and one bronze in judo and synchronized diving.  Here's a summary of our new medals.

#1.)  17-year-old Missy Franklin won gold in the Women's 100-meter Backstroke.

#2 and #3.)  We won the gold AND silver medals in the Men's 100-meter Backstroke:  Matt Grevers won gold and Nick Thoman took silver.

#4.)  Rebecca Soni won silver in the Women's 100-meter Breaststroke.

#5.)  Marti Malloy won a bronze in Women's Judo, 125-pound weight class.

#6.)  David Boudia and Nick McCrory won the bronze in Men's Synchronized Diving, 10-meter platform.  (--That's more than 30 feet high.)


That pulls us into a tie with CHINA in the overall medal count . . . but the Chinese still have the edge with nine gold medals to our five.  Here are the medal standings:

#1.)  China with 17 medals . . . 9 gold, 5 silver, and 3 bronze.

#2.)  The United States with 17 medals . . . 5 gold, 7 silver, and 5 bronze. 

#3.)  Japan with 11 medals . . . 1 gold, 4 silver, and 6 bronze.

#4.)  Italy with 8 medals . . . 2 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze.

#5.)  France with 7 medals . . . 3 gold, 1 silver, and 3 bronze.

(If you're wondering how Great Britain is doing, the home field advantage hasn't really kicked in.  They only have three medals so far . . . a silver and two bronze.)



Swimmer Ryan Lochte and the Men's Gymnastics Were Shut Out of Medals Monday 

The United States men's gymnastics team and swimming stud Ryan Lochte were in action Monday . . . and both were expected to add to Team America's medal total.   That didn't happen.  It's not just that they missed out on winning gold . . . they were both SHUT OUT from the medals stand.  Here's what happened: 

Ryan beat Michael Phelps over the weekend to win gold in the 400-meter medley.  Yesterday he swam the 200-meter freestyle . . . an event the U.S. has DOMINATED:  We've won 11 medals in the 200-meter freestyle in the last 11 Olympics.  But Ryan finished FOURTH in the race, almost two full seconds behind the gold medal winner, Yannick Agnel of France.  Michael Phelps won gold in the 200 last Olympics and qualified this year, but he dropped out to save energy for other races.

The men's gymnastics team won a silver medal in 2004 and a bronze in 2008.  They were favored to win a medal this time out, but they fell THREE times on the exercises and finished FIFTH.

(KSDK, The New York Times)




Is the Dutch Women's Field Hockey Team the Most Attractive Team at the Olympics?

The Internet has spoken, and it's declared that the most attractive women at the Olympics are the members of the Netherlands' field hockey team.  The Dutch field hockey women actually have a reputation for being exceptionally attractive . . . apparently some people were saying that as far back as the 2004 Olympics in Athens . . . but now they're getting even more attention.


Here are some photos of the Dutch women's field hockey team:










A Swiss Soccer Player is the Latest Athlete to Get Kicked Out of the Olympics Over an Offensive Tweet

If you know any athletes who've worked their whole lives to compete in these Olympics, PLEASE get this message to them.  STOP TWEETING.  Yesterday, ANOTHER athlete was kicked out of the Olympics for an offensive tweet.  That's the third Olympic tweeting controversy in less than a week.  On Sunday, Switzerland's men's soccer team lost two-to-one to South Korea.

And afterward, one Swiss player, 23-year-old Michel Morganella, tweeted that the South Koreans should, "all burn" and, "they're a bunch of [ret*rds]."  The Swiss Olympic Committee sent him home yesterday.  He's since deleted his Twitter account and has apologized.

Last week, a Greek triple jumper was kicked out of the Olympics for a racist tweet against Greece's African immigrants.

Earlier this week, Lolo Jones, an American hurdler, tweeted that Americans should be good at, "da gun shooting competition."  She will not be kicked off the team.

(Deadspin / USA Today)




The Stunt "Queen Elizabeth" Who Parachuted Into the Opening Ceremonies was Actually a Dude

We all knew QUEEN ELIZABETH didn't ACTUALLY parachute into the Opening Ceremonies with Daniel Craig as James Bond.  They were both actors.  But we didn't realize the stand-in for the Queen WAS A MAN, BABY.

Turns out the "Queen" was a 42-year-old stuntman named Gary Connery.  He was hired because he's made almost 1,000 skydives in his career and is known for extreme and dangerous jumps.


Here's a photo of him in the helicopter as the Queen, just before he jumped, plus a photo of him mid-jump.






The "Today" Show Asks People On the Streets of London About the Opening Ceremonies, and Doesn't Realize One was Evander Holyfield

Yesterday morning, the "Today" show did a bit where they asked people on the streets of London about the Opening Ceremonies.  One of the people they talked to was EVANDER HOLYFIELD.  And they had no idea.

It's clear they didn't recognize him, he just gets one very quick comment in a montage.  Holyfield won a bronze medal in boxing at the 1984 Olympics and won world titles as both a cruiserweight and a heavyweight.


Here's the video of Holyfield on the "Today" show.




Who Were Those "Independent Athletes" In the Opening Ceremonies?

During the Parade of Nations at the Opening Ceremonies, there were three athletes who walked as "Independent Olympic Athletes."  What does that mean?  The three of them are from Curacao, which was part of the Netherlands Antilles until 2010.  But the Netherlands Antilles is not an independent country, separate from the Netherlands anymore.

The athletes don't identify themselves as Dutch, though, they grew up in the Caribbean their entire lives as part of the independent Netherlands Antilles, so they petitioned to compete independently, which they were allowed to do.

There's actually a fourth independent athlete who didn't make it to London for the opening ceremonies.  He's a citizen of South Sudan, which is the world's newest country.  It doesn't have an Olympic committee, so he's competing independent. 










There are Now Zero Olympic Sports That are Men-Only, and Only Two That are Women-Only

This Olympics has the first-ever WOMEN'S BOXING event.  That means this is the first time ever where women will compete in all 26 sports, there's not a SINGLE one that's men only.

BUT, there ARE two competitions in the Olympics that are WOMEN only:  Synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics.  Men have lobbied to compete in both, and they may get the chance at the 2016 Olympics.  But for now, you won't get to see men doing synchronized pool routines or twirling ribbons, sorry. 

(Yahoo Sports)




How Would the Olympic World Record Holders Do In Competitions Against Animals?

For this two-week period we get to watch the best athletes in the world, some of whom are the best in the HISTORY of the world.  And the sad part is, they'd all get CRUSHED if they competed against ordinary animals.

Here are some comparisons of how Olympic world record holders would do if they competed against animals.

Michael Phelps tops out at about 4.4 miles-per-hour in the water.  A sailfish swims at 68 miles-per-hour.  However, Michael Phelps COULD beat a goldfish, which swims at 0.85 miles-per-hour.

The world record for the marathon is Patrick Makau Musyoki, who ran 26 miles in two hours, three minutes, and 38 seconds.  An endurance race horse could run that in one hour, 18 minutes, and 29 seconds.

Javier Sotomayor can hit eight feet in the high jump.  A snakehead fish can jump 13 feet in the air.

Usain Bolt runs the 100 meters in a world record 9.58 seconds.  An average cheetah could do the 100 meters in 5.8 seconds.

What animal COULD our human runners beat?  A CAMEL.  The best human runners hit about 23.4 miles-per-hour . . . camels top out at 22 miles-per-hour. 


Paul McCartney and the Other Opening Night Performers Were Paid $1.57 for Their Work

So how much did PAUL MCCARTNEY and all the other musicians get paid for performing at the Opening Ceremony?  A BUCK-57!

They basically donated their time, but they were paid a token fee of ONE BRITISH POUND, which comes out to $1.57.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that British boy band ONE DIRECTION will play the Closing Ceremony on August 12th.  There's no word whether they'll get one pound for the whole band, or one pound per MEMBER.


Olympic Randoms

#1.)  Swimmer RYAN LOCHTE took a break to, quote, "tweet some weird tweets."  (You can see them here.)

#2.)  NBC claims that it cut away from a section of the Opening Ceremony that paid tribute to British terror attack victims because it was gearing its coverage to American audiences.  But it turns out they also cut a segment called the "Wall of Remembrance", which featured memorials to two dead U.S. servicemen.  (Full Story)

#3.)  It looks like NBC simply doesn't care anymore if people are upset over their tape-delaying.  Yesterday, they did it with the 100-meter women's backstroke, in which American MISSY FRANKLIN took the gold.  But before the race even aired, NBC aired a promo for this morning's "Today" show in which Missy reunites with her parents AFTER winning the gold.  In other words, not only did they wait all day to show the race, but they SPOILED IT for anybody who may have wanted to be surprised when they finally DID air it.