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NBC Skipped a Part of the Olympics Opening Ceremony That Paid Tribute to Victims of the British Terror Attacks of 7/7

Part of the Olympics opening ceremony in London on Friday night was a tribute to victims of the terror attack of July 7th, 2005 that killed 52 people.

But if you were watching the show here in the U.S., you didn't see it . . . because NBC cut away to an interview between RYAN SEACREST and MICHAEL PHELPS.

In response to the backlash they got, an NBC spokesman said, quote, "Our programming is tailored for the U.S. audience.  It's a tribute to [producer] Danny Boyle that it required so little editing."

(Here's what NBC didn't think you needed to see.)


NBC is Getting Heat for Tape Delaying Michael Phelps' First Medal Attempt

NBC is taking some heat for tape-delaying MICHAEL PHELPS' first event so they could show it during primetime, instead of airing it live.  By the time it aired Saturday night, people already knew Phelps had come in FOURTH in the men's 400-meter individual medley.  And not just because of the Internet and social media.  The results of the race were on the evening news.  Yes, even on NBC itself.

The race stared at 8:00 A.M. Eastern time.  But Americans had to watch an interview with their gymnastics team, while the rest of the world got to see the race.  (America's Ryan Lochte won the gold, by the way.)

Despite all the complaints, NBC's primetime Olympic coverage Saturday night attracted 28.7 million viewers.  That made it the most-watched summer games opening night on record.



Michael Phelps is Zero-For-Two on Gold Medals

When MICHAEL PHELPS decided to compete in these Olympics, he said it was going to be a, "cherry on top" for his career.  Which includes the best Olympic performance EVER in 2008, when he won eight gold medals in eight events.  So far, it's looking like he might've been better off leaving his legacy alone.  Phelps has competed in two medal events so far in London, and hasn't won gold in either.

On Saturday, he competed in the 400-meter individual medley, and didn't even get a medal.  He came in FOURTH.  America's new "hot" swimmer, RYAN LOCHTE, won the gold.

Then yesterday, Phelps and Lochte were two members of the U.S. four-by-100-meter freestyle relay team.  Phelps was the second of four swimmers, and had a fantastic leg.  The third relay swimmer held the American team's lead.  But Lochte swam the anchor leg, and fell behind the French anchor swimmer.  The U.S. team got the silver medal.

Phelps still has FIVE more medal events this Olympics.  And if he wins gold in all of those, all of the media members will look like fools for their knee-jerk stories asking "Has Phelps lost it?"  But now, suddenly, Phelps has pressure on himself that he wasn't expecting.  Last Olympics the pressure was winning every gold, this Olympics, it looks like he's going to have to fight even harder just to win ONE.

(CS Monitor)



Summer Olympics Medal Count, and We're Losing to China

Two days into the London Olympics, the United States is in second place in the medal count, behind China.  We're only one medal behind the Chinese, but they have three more gold medals than us.  Here are the medal standings as of 6:00 A.M. Pacific Time Zone:

#1.)  China with 12 medals . . . 6 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze. 

#2.)  The United States with 11 medals . . . 3 gold, 5 silver, and 3 bronze.

#3.)  Italy with 8 medals . . . 2 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze.

#4.)  South Korea with 5 medals . . . 2 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze.

#5.)  Japan also has 5 medals . . . NO gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze.


The U.S. athletes to win gold were swimmers Ryan Lochte in the 400 individual medley, Dana Vollmer in the 100 butterfly, and skeet shooter Kim Rhode.  That makes Kim the first American athlete EVER to win five medals in an individual event in five consecutive Olympics.  Great Britain is the host, but they only have TWO medals so far, one silver and one bronze.

(You can check the updated medal counts at NBCOlympics.com/medals.)



Ryan Lochte was Almost Denied His Gold Medal, Because He Wanted to Wear Grillz on the Medal Stand

Remember five years ago when rappers were all about wearing GRILLZ over their teeth?  Well, apparently that trend just caught on in the world of U.S. swimming.

When RYAN LOCHTE beat MICHAEL PHELPS to win his first gold medal on Saturday, he planned to wear a special red, white, and blue GRILL on the medal stand.  But the Olympic organizers heard about it, and told him NO.

Apparently, they told Lochte that if he wore the grillz, they WOULDN'T GIVE HIM his medal.  So he didn't.  Which, long-term, he'll probably be happy about.  They really did protect him from himself.

(Yahoo Sports




A U.S. Runner Tweets That Americans Should Do Well In "Da Gun Shooting Competition"

How long until athletes stop tweeting entirely?  It NEVER GOES WELL.  NEVER.  Last week a Greek track star was kicked out of the Olympics for a racist tweet.  And now an American track star is getting majorly criticized for a tweet of hers.  Lolo Jones will be competing in the 100-meter hurdles for the U.S. next week.  On Saturday she tweeted, "USA men's archery lost the gold medal to Italy but that's ok, we are Americans, when's da gun shooting competition?"  She was immediately flooded with criticism, especially in the wake of the "Dark Knight Rises" shooting.

Jones ended up offering a sort-of apology,  "Sorry you guys only think of violence, but I think of all the hunting I do with southerners in da south.  It's impressive."  And she's not backing down from that position.  Yesterday, after Kim Rhode won a gold for the U.S. in skeet shooting, Jones retweeted someone who wrote,  "U were right @lolojones!  USA dominated the gun shoot!"

The U.S. Olympic Committee decided NOT to kick her off the team for her tweet. 

(San Francisco Chronicle)



There's a German Olympic Cyclist Who Might Have the Biggest Thighs In the World

A photo has been circulating of Robert Forstemann, who's a cyclist competing for Germany in the Olympics.  It shows him in his underwear, from the waist down, and he just might have the WORLD'S BIGGEST THIGHS.

We have no idea how he manages to sit on a bike.  Or walk.  His thighs look like the thighs on someone who weighs 700 pounds . . . only his are all quad muscle.


Check out his monster thighs here.



The Ten Funniest Names in the 2012 Olympics Include China's Dong Dong and Canada's Victoria Poon

 We were watching women's volleyball on Saturday, and learned there's an American volleyball star named Destinee Hooker.  Who knew?

A website called Sports Pickle went through all the Olympic athletes, and picked out the 60 funniest names in the 2012 Games.  Most of them aren't great, like, they picked that famous runner USAIN BOLT.  But some of them are EXCELLENT.

Here are our ten favorites . . .

#1.)  Chinese trampolinist Dong Dong.

#2.)  Canadian swimmer Victoria Poon. 

#3.)  Austrian heptathlete Ivona Dadic.  (Yeah, we know it's pronounced 'Dah-ditch', but we're immature.)  

#4.)  South Korean pole vaulter Yoo Suk Kim.

#5.)  New Zealand cyclist Jack Bauer . . . like from "24".

#6.)  Swiss equestrian athlete Werner Muff.

#7.)  Canadian track star Gavin Smellie.

#8.)  Japanese volleyball player Yoshie Takeshita.

#9.)  Chinese sailor Aichen Wang.

#10.)  A track and field athlete from Trinidad and Tobago named . . . Sparkle McKnight.


Almost Nobody Plans On Watching the Olympics at Work

NBC is streaming basically the entire Olympics online this year, but it doesn't look like that's going to cripple the American workforce.  Not even a little.  According to a new survey, only 16% of American workers say they plan on following Olympic events live during the workday.  84% will not.

The people behind the survey say, "That is an incredible majority that reflects ongoing economic uncertainty.  Americans are still looking for job security, they are not going to let potential distractions like the Olympics affect productivity." 

(EHS Today)