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The Five Biggest Snubs in This Year's Emmy Nominations


#1.)  There are four actors who should be the most surprised they were left out of the nominations.  In order:  NICK OFFERMAN from "Parks and Recreation", MADELEINE STOWE from "Revenge", JOEL MCHALE from "Community", and HUGH LAURIE from the final season of "House M.D."

#2.)  It's a surprise that "Louie" and "Parks and Recreation" didn't get nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series while "30 Rock" and "Girls" did.  Also, "Community" had a stronger season than "Big Bang Theory".

#3.)  JEFF PROBST didn't get a nomination for best reality host, BETTY WHITE took his traditional spot for "Betty White's Off Their Rockers".  Probst doesn't just deserve a nomination . . . his hosting is more crucial to the success of "Survivor" than any other host in the category.  Why not bump PHIL KEOGHAN from "Amazing Race" who contributes virtually nothing to the game?

#4.)  FX is doing some of the most innovative work on TV, but they were pretty widely ignored.  "Louie" got nominations, but not for best series.  "Sons of Anarchy", "Justified", and "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" were shut out.

#5.)  An episode of "American Dad" got a nomination for best animated program but "South Park" and "Archer" didn't.  Someone is NOT paying attention.