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More Tom and Katie Craziness


Tom Took Suri for a Helicopter Ride Yesterday

TOM CRUISE had more bonding time with his 6-year-old daughter Suri yesterday, by taking her for a helicopter ride over New York City.

(Check out some pics here.)  (Us Weekly)


Meanwhile, Tom's attorney has fired off an angry e-mail to "Life & Style" magazine over a cover story that claims Suri has been,  "Abandoned by her dad."

The letter reads, "That, as anyone knows who saw their photos together yesterday and today, is a disgusting, vicious lie.  Until this week, Tom was shooting a film on location, but he spoke to Suri every day.  He's with Suri right now;  and he was with her the day before 'Life & Style' trumpeted their cruelly false accusation.  Tom dearly loves Suri and the last thing he would ever do is abandoned her."



Is Katie Holmes Hooking Back Up With Her Ex-Boyfriend Chris Klein?

The not-always-reliable "Star" tabloid claims that KATIE HOLMES is hooking up with her her pre-TOM CRUISE boyfriend CHRIS KLEIN, who plays Oz in the "American Pie" movies.

Supposedly, there was some "heated texting" earlier this year that led to a recent SECRET RENDEZVOUS in Katie's apartment.  For the record it's probably not true, just like a story about Tom and his supposed new girlfriend, which you can read next.




Will This Be Tom Cruise's Next Girlfriend

TOM CRUISE was reportedly blindsided and heartbroken by KATIE HOLMES' divorce filing, but if we're to believe the "National Enquirer", there's already a new girl waiting to take Katie's place.  Her name is YOLANDA PECORARO, she's 37 and a Scientologist like Tom.  Some people even claim they dated briefly in 2004.

She's an actress, but she's mostly been in low-budget stuff so far.  (Although she did play "pretty woman" in the 2009 romantic comedy "The Ugly Truth", starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.)

So-called "sources" say the Church of Scientology is embarrassed by how the whole Katie situation developed and all the negative publicity they got from it, and they want to, "stabilize the situation" by hooking Tom up again.  When asked if she's Tom's next in line, Yolanda gave kind of a non-denial denial,  "Yes, I knew and still know Tom Cruise.  And no, I'm not married or engaged."


Check out some pics of her here.