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Charlie Sheen Legitimately Wants to Judge "American Idol"?


If "American Idol" is desperate to fill its judging panel with basket cases who will get people to tune in hoping to see a train wreck, this might be the break they need.  On Monday, "Idol's" executive producer NIGEL LYTHGOE joked that he wanted CHARLIE SHEEN.  Well, it turns out Charlie is INTERESTED.   "It seems so out of the blue that it almost made perfect sense.  I thought this could be a lot of fun.  Seriously, I'm genuinely interested.  It's so different, it could be radical."  He doesn't have any music experience, but ELLEN DEGENERES didn't either and she judged one season of "Idol".

On Monday, on "The Tonight Show", Charlie told JAY LENO that if he was a judge, "I think I could be helpful [and] give these kids some guidance without leading them to a suicide."  Jay responded, "Yeah, if I had a child that needed guidance, I would send him to Charlie Sheen."

Here's an NBC clip of Charlie discussing judging with Leno.  Charlie's two 'terms' are here.  They include having "Idol" match 20% of his salary for the benefit of diabetes research, autism, and youth programs.