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Nick Cannon Says "American Idol" Can't Afford Mariah Carey


STEVEN TYLER and JENNIFER LOPEZ are out at "American Idol" and the big rumor is that they're pushing hard to get MARIAH CAREY as a new judge.

Her husband, NICK CANNON, doesn't think they can afford it.  When a paparazzi cameraman asked him about it, he said, "I don't know if they can afford Mariah Carey . . . they gave J-Lo $20 MILLION, they might have to double that."


In reality, they were only paying J-Lo $15 MILLION and balked at her request for $17 MILLION, but either way, since the word is "Idol" is trying to cut its budget, they're probably NOT going to double that.



Is "American Idol" Going to Start Only Using Judges For One Year?

STEVEN TYLER and JENNIFER LOPEZ both left "American Idol" last week, and if you believe they left to get back to focusing on their music careers and NOT that they were fired for budget reasons, this will sound pretty rational.

"Idol's" executive producer NIGEL LYTHGOE says the show may just have to start using judges for one year only.  "If we do want these big stars, and we do, you cannot take them away from what they do.  That's depriving the public of a star, and stopping them from earning a lot of money."