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Kristin Chenoweth Was Injured on the Set of "The Good Wife"


Kristin Chenoweth 
had to be hospitalized after being injured on the set of "The Good Wife" yesterday.  Her rep says she was "hit in the head by scaffolding."  An anonymous source tells TMZ that she was "struck by a piece of lighting equipment, and fell to the ground."  Another "witness" says, "A big gust of wind blew the lighting off the scaffolding, [and hit her] square in the head."

The witness adds, "[She was] knocked out cold.  I thought she was dead at first."   There's no further update on her condition, but a spokesman from the New York City Fire Department described her injury as "minor."

Random side note:  About an hour before the accident, Kristin Tweeted, "Where is a 7/11 when I need one?"  There's no word what she meant by that, but it was probably because yesterday was Slurpee Day!  7/11! 

(TMZ has pictures of Kristin on a stretcher being loaded into the ambulance.)