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Katie Holmes Secretly Planned Her Exit For Weeks


According to "People" magazine, KATIE HOLMES really put some work into leaving TOM CRUISE.   Sources say she put the plan in motion several weeks earlier, switching cell phones and e-mail addresses and renting her new apartment.  A source adds,  "She was talking to Tom on the phone up until last week saying, 'I love you.'"

Tom did know she'd rented another apartment, but she told him it was so she could drive into the underground garage there and avoid the paparazzi.  Tom reportedly flew back to L.A. from Iceland to have a, quote, "somber" birthday celebration with his adopted kids Isabella and Connor.  Meanwhile, sources say Tom is speaking with his daughter Suri on the phone several times a day.


Katie Holmes Speaks, But Just Barely

KATIE HOLMES spoke to the media yesterday, for the first time since her split with TOM CRUISE.  But just barely.  Katie was shopping at a Whole Foods in New York City with her daughter Suri, when a reporter from the "New York Daily News"asked how she's doing.  She said, "I'm all right.  Thank you."

We told you it wasn't much.  But here are some pics of their shopping trip.  (New York Daily News)



Will Katie Holmes Get Nothing in the Divorce?

If this is true, then KATIE HOLMES must have REALLY wanted out:  TMZ claims that the prenup she signed when she married TOM CRUISE is, "long, tight and stacked in Tom's favor."  And it states that she walks away with what she had when she came into the marriage.

Katie may challenge the prenup, but either way a source says, "Money is not that important to her.  She makes plenty on her own."  It's more than likely, however, that Katie will get child support.  And that probably won't be small potatoes.