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Chad Ochocinco Invited a Grieving Widow to His Wedding Over Twitter


You have to give it up to CHAD OCHOCINCO for this:  A female follower (seen here) of Chad's from Ohio Tweeted to him Tuesday that she had just lost her husband of 30 years.  (Chad is a Miami Dolphin now, but he was a Cincinnati Bengal from 2001 to 2010.)

So Chad asked the woman if she had a passport.  She said yes.  Then he asked her if she could pack up and COME TO HIS WEDDING.  And she accepted the invitation. 

He told her to, "Bring ya smile, dancing shoes and appetite." 

(Check out their Twitter exchange here.)  (Yahoo)


Chad told the woman his wife-to-be EVELYN LOZADA would make the arrangements.  According to reports, Chad and Evelyn got married yesterday for a VH1 reality show that'll start airing in September.  At least one website says the ceremony went down in Miami, so it's not clear what the woman needed the passport for.