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Lindsay Lohan Has Been Voted the Worst Celebrity Driver


is the Worst Celebrity Driver, according to a poll by Jalopnik.com.    Not only does she have a couple DUIs on her record, but she just totaled a Porsche by running it into the back of a dump truck.  And she was supposedly SOBER for that one.

Coming in second is the guy every Long Island driver keeps one eye out for:  BILLY JOEL.  He's had numerous crashes dating back to a motorcycle accident in 1983.

You'd think that putting your passenger in a permanent vegetative state would rate you higher than third, but that's where NICK BOLLEA, son of HULK HOGAN, ended up for the 2007 street racing crash that ruined his best friend's life.

Comedian EDDIE GRIFFIN came in fourth, for smashing a Ferrari Enzo into a wall while promoting his racing movie "Redline" in 2007.

And rounding out the Top 5 is KELSEY GRAMMER.  Back in 1996, NBC gave him a red Dodge Viper, which he proceeded to get drunk and FLIP.

(Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and George Lucas also made the list.  Check out the Top 10 here.)