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Alec Baldwin's Busy Weekend: Get Married and Blow Up At Another Photographer


married his girlfriend HILARIA THOMAS on Saturday at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in New York City.  Guests included his "30 Rock" co-star Tina Fey, his brothers Stephen and Billy  (No Danny?  What up?), plus Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi, "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels and Robert Kennedy Jr.

(Here's a funny picture from the wedding, in which it looks like Alec has a giant hand with painted nails, and he's grabbing his daughter Ireland's breast.  But it's obviously someone else's hand, and it's not touching Ireland.  It looks big because it's closer to the camera lens.)  (Us Weekly)


But the weekend didn't start on a positive note, because on Friday, Alec exploded on yet another paparazzi outside his apartment building.  It happened when a woman who lives in the building tried to block the photographer from taking Alec's picture.  The photographer started arguing with the woman, so Alec chased him down, grabbed him by the arm, backed him up against a van and told him to leave his neighbor alone.  After informing Alec that he was BREAKING HIS ARM, the guy said, "All we're doing is taking your picture."  To which Alec replied, "I want you to shut the [eff] up . . . get out of here . . . leave my neighbor alone."

Then the guy said, "I was just telling you to have a good wedding", and Alec got right in his face and berated him some more.  After a pretty vicious verbal beatdown, Alec said, "You little girl", and walked away.   Oh, and he did all of this with a pink stuffed animal under his arm.  (Check out video here.) 

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We know Alec has a temper but man, he really reduces this guy to jelly.  It kind of makes you feel bad for him.  At the same time, it's such a masterful verbal assault, you just have to give Alec his props.