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Lindsay Lohan Claims She Was Attacked By a Guy She Brought Back to Her Hotel Room


claims she was ATTACKED by a man she brought to her hotel room in New York City on Saturday night.  Here's what we know . . . Lindsay met a guy named Christian LaBella at the 1 Oak nightclub.  They ended up partying in Lindsay's room with some of her friends, until Lindsay realized LaBella was recording her.  She confronted him, and discovered that he had 50 videos and pictures of her, and he was already e-mailing them out to his contacts. 

LaBella reportedly threw Lindsay on the bed, causing scratches on her hands.  It's not clear what everyone else in the room was doing, or if they were even still there.  Lindsay ran out of the room, but returned later.  LaBella allegedly CHOKED Lindsay, threw her to the ground and got on top of her.  This time, a friend was able to pull LaBella off.  Then Lindsay YANKED THE FIRE ALARM.  Police showed up, and LaBella was arrested on two counts each of assault and harassment. 

Now, there's a separate report with slightly different details.  In this one, Lindsay grabbed LaBella's camera and ran from the room, and he followed her.   They struggled in the hallway, where LaBella choked Lindsay, then someone pulled the fire alarm, cops came and he was arrested.

Lindsay's rep issued the following statement, "Lindsay was assaulted early this morning in a New York hotel.  While she did sustain some injuries, she was not hospitalized.  The assailant was arrested and is currently in police custody.  Lindsay has spoken with police and is fully cooperating with the investigation."

Unfortunately for Lindsay, the charges against LaBella were later dropped, and his arrest was voided, because there wasn't enough evidence to prove Lindsay's claims.  So now, all the cops have are harassment reports filed by both of them against each other.

This LaBella guy has a kind of minor connection to the entertainment industry. On his Facebook page, which doesn't seem to exist anymore, he says he's the nephew of HEATHER MCDONALD.  She writes for "Chelsea Lately" and also appears on the show regularly.  The page also had pictures of him with several celebrities, including KIM KARDASHIAN and KRIS JENNER.  (Here's that pic.)  (TMZ)



LaBella is also a staffer for Illinois Republican Congressman John Shimkus.  (Check out a picture of LaBella with vice presidential candidate PAUL RYAN here.)

Meanwhile, Lindsay went after DR. PHIL for supposedly "taking advantage of" her mother during her appearance on his show earlier this month.  She even called Dr. Phil a FRAUD.  The tweet has been removed from Lindsay's feed, but you can read more about it here.