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Former "Sons of Anarchy" Star Johnny Lewis Has Been Found Dead After Allegedly Murdering an 81-Year-Old Woman


28-year-old actor JOHNNY LEWIS was found dead on Wednesday morning in Los Angeles, after allegedly beating an elderly woman to death.  Johnny has had a lot of small roles over the past 10 years, but he's probably best known for playing Half-Sack on the first two seasons of "Sons of Anarchy".  He also briefly dated KATY PERRY in 2006.  Anyway, this is an INSANE story so, here's what you need to know:

According to reports, at about 10:30 A.M. on Wednesday, Johnny stormed into the home of his 81-year-old landlady, and went on a RAMPAGE.  He ransacked the home, and ended up BEATING the woman to death.  He also killed her CAT.  Supposedly, he beat the cat with his hands, and dismembered it by, "TEARING IT APART." 

Then, he went outside, hopped a fence, and confronted a neighbor and a handyman.  He assaulted them with a two-by-four, and seemed to have, "superhuman strength."  They suffered non-life-threatening injuries.  At that point, Johnny attempted to break into the neighbor's house, but was apparently chased away. 

He then re-entered the home of the old lady he'd killed, and not long after that, the cops arrived and found him dead on her driveway.  It's believed that he either fell or jumped off a roof.  Not at all surprisingly, the authorities think that Johnny was SUPER HIGH on something, either PCP, meth, or a synthetic, designer drug called "Smiles."

An officer says, "We still don't have a motive, whether this was just the random act of somebody acting crazy or whether there was some type of altercation or dispute."

Neighbors say Johnny had rented a room from the old lady in the past, then he moved away, and then came back.  But it's unclear if he was actually living at the place at the time of the attack.

Here are some pictures of Johnny, including some of him with Katy Perry, and mugshots from some previous arrests.  You can read about those, here.

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