Bill and Connie

Bill and Connie, 6am - 10am

So, you know Bill and Connie, right?  They've been together for about 80 years and have been on Alice since like 2002 or something.


Bill and Connie are on weekday mornings starting at 6am and usually hang around until 10am.  Find out more about what they're up to under the Bill and Connie menu option!  Or email them from the Contact Us menu.  Or don't, I mean.  You're your own person. 




RJ, 6am - 10am

Real Name: Rudy James Palominos
Born in Modesto, CA on March 12th.

Got my first job as a Radio Intern in June of 1999, in Merced, CA. I moved to Reno in September of 2004 and have been here ever since.

Likes and Interests: I love music, dancing, making people laugh and smile. I like to draw and paint, cook, watch movies, and spend time with my dog. I'm a huge Transformers fan and collector.

Ryan Seacrest


Ryan Seacrest, 10am - 2pm

The biggest name in Hollywood, Ryan Seacrest, is now on Alice @ 96.5 after Bill and Connie In The Morning! 

One Air With Ryan Seacrest takes over your workday from 10am till 2pm!

Hollyood stars!
The biggest names in music!
The Scoop on Idol!
Prizes, prizes, and more prizes!


J Rodriguez

J Rodriguez, 2pm - 7pm

JRodriguez ON-AIR or DJFierce IN-THA-MIX

I’ve had a passion for DJing since I was little and now I have succeeded, not only in Radio, but in owning a professional mobile Entertainment company. I am married to my beautiful wife (Jamie) and together we have three (3) awesome children, Michael, Landon,  and our most recent addition, baby "Nylas", yup all boys.


I spread my talents through DJ'ing ON-AIR and in the mix (everywhere the sound reaches), and share it to everyone who dances to the vibes! 


My succeeded goals in life are being an excellent father, an exceptional husband, and a successful DJ entertainer.  I am honored to be a part of Alice @ 96.5 FM! You will count on me to play all the hit music and have fun at the same time. For now, catch me Monday thru Friday's 2PM till 7PM and only on ALICE @ 96.5.