“Corona” Made the List of the 100 Most Popular Baby Names in 2020

This is definitely a weird moment in history.  And I guess some people want to be reminded of it every day for the rest of their life.  The baby website The Bump posted a list of the 100 most popular baby names on its site this year.  And “CORONA” made the list of the top girls’ names so far.


It barely cracked the list in 100th place.  So don’t expect to see too many Coronas out there in the near future.  But it’s more popular than it used to be.


New-age, non-traditional names also seem to be more popular with their users.  Because the top ten includes a lot of baby names you don’t see on other lists.


The ten most popular girls’ names on TheBump.com this year are:  Mila, Aaliyah, Aurora, Aria, Amelia, Eliana, Nova, Kayden, Molly, and Ivy.


“Corona” didn’t make the boys’ list.  The most popular names for boys this year are:  Braxton, Zion, Hunter, Kai, Urban, Logan, Elliot, Liam, Lucas, and River.