Here’s the Most Popular Delivery Food in Every State During the Quarantine

Americans have been ordering A LOT of takeout and delivery over the past few months.  But what foods are we ordering the most?  Yelp just figured out what takeout and delivery food has been disproportionately popular in every state during the past two months, in other words, what people in each state have ordered way more than average.


And the results can basically be summarized in one word:  Carbs.  Although the specific type of carbs really varies across the board.  Some of the foods that were number one in more than one state are:  Pizza, burgers, gyros, sushi, pad Thai, tacos, crab Rangoon, and wings.


I neighbors next door seem to like Bubble Tea,Bubble tea, a Taiwanese tea-based drink filled with chewy tapioca pearls, was the most popular delivery order in California.


Spam musubi, a rice-based dish featuring Spam, rice, and seaweed, is a popular dish in Hawaii, but Nevada residents seem to love it as well.


(Here’s a map with every state’s top food.)