A Woman Is Trying to Crowdfund a Butt Lift for Her “Mental Health”, It’s Not Going Great

By the time you hit your late 30s, you’re supposed to have realized that the world doesn’t care about you.  This woman apparently missed that lesson.  There’s a 37-year-old woman named Carla Bellucci in Hertfordshire, England.  And she says she wants to get a BUTT LIFT because, “I need it for my mental health.”


But she can’t afford it, so she went to the government to try to get them to cover it.  But they refused, mostly because she once scammed them into paying for a $8,500 nose job by faking depression.


Carla thinks that’s unfair, “[They] definitely won’t pay for it this time.  I don’t know why, transgenders get operations left, right, and center but they will not pay for my butt lift.”  Lovely.


So, she’s decided to try to raise the $7,200 for the operation on a crowdfunding site.  After two days she’s raised $14.50.


(Here’s a safe-for-work picture of Carla and her current butt.)


(Daily Mirror / Ladbible