A Woman Thought a Guy Was Hitting on Her, Turns Out He Just Thought She Looked Like Buzz Lightyear

When you give a guy your number, there’s literally ZERO chance you’re expecting THIS. There’s a woman named Emily Baumgartner in Valparaiso, Indiana.  And after about a month of working out with a personal trainer, he asked for her number and to take a picture of her.  She thought he was flirting and was going to ask her out.


Well, nope.  It turns out he thought she looked like BUZZ LIGHTYEAR, and he texted her a picture where he Photoshopped her face onto a picture of Buzz.


So Emily tweeted that picture and the story, and now it’s going viral.


(Here’s the picture he sent.  Also, I wonder if she considered this:  Maybe he WAS trying to flirt with her, and he’s just terrible at it?)