Calories Aren’t the #1 Thing We Look for on Food Labels

Have you ever spent five minutes staring at a nutrition label at the store, just looking for ANY way to justify buying it?  Yes, Cheez-Its do have real cheese, but they still aren’t a health food.  According to a recent survey, roughly 8 in 10 Americans read nutrition labels.  And you might guess that calories are the #1 thing they’re worried about.  But that’s NOT actually the case.


71% of Americans check nutrition labels to find out how much SUGAR they’re in for.  Possibly because it’s in EVERYTHING now.  The top five things we look for are:  sugar content, caloriesfat content, how much salt there is, and how many carbs there are.


The survey also found the top five health food buzzwords we like to see on food packaging are “natural”, “non-GMO”, “organic”, “grass-fed”,  and “pasture-raised.”


And in general, the top things we’re concerned about when buying food are the quality of the ingredients, followed by price.


(SWNS Digital)